Recommendation Letters

Franzie Weldgen is a Fine Arts professor at Monroe Community College whose popularity with the students is outstanding. I was in four of his classes during my time at MCC, and he wrote a letter of recommendation so that I could apply to my next college. He made it out to RIT, but my mind has changed since and I hadn’t ended up attending. However, the message is the same however you look at it. Here is the letter:


James Downer is a Graphic Design professor at MCC, known for his blatant judgement of his students’ work. Many people find him overwhelmingly strict with a very to-the-point attitude. Professors like Downer are meant to prepare you to fight for your position in the world of design, because there is always competition. His teaching methods involve pitting students against each other to fight for a good grade on their projects through ranking systems, encouraging them to escape from their bubbles. I found his lack of sugar-coating to be charming, because I knew I had the skills for the field but needed that social push. He brought out a hidden part of me that could help get the recognition I truly deserve. I attended two of his classes, and here is his letter for me:


Alicia Lurye is the main owner and organizer of RocCon, one of Rochester’s main comic conventions. I have volunteered for this convention for two years I worked in positions such as a box office worker and cashier for VIP sales. This past year, I designed a billboard marquee image for the convention in a small amount of time with only the internet as a resource and Adobe Photoshop as a tool. RocCon has showed me for the first time that I can perform real life work for a very limited deadline, and still do a great job! Alicia has given me a valuable portfolio opportunity that I will never forget.


Kevin Meredith is a full-time Associate Manager at Regal Entertainment Group whom I have been working under for more than two years. He is a very personable and responsible individual who has privileges and tasks that other managers at the workplace do not, including access to the cameras and the ability to order stock items for the establishment. When I was in the process of applying for an associate manager position myself, I asked him to write me a letter because he is the manager I felt I have the best professional relationship with. He made it out to our theater’s general manager:


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