Rumors About Roxiano Creations’ Next Game

As we all know, Roxiano Creations recently released the title Hotel Tutwin this past April. It seemed to pop out of nowhere, and nobody was expecting it. Lead Developer Lydia Turiano herself wasn’t even expecting it to take off so abruptly and become as popular as it did. The momentum can only rise from here, and as it does, more rumors are surfacing.

Roxiano is working on something, but the question everyone’s asking is… what is it? As far as anyone can tell, it’s another visual novel genre, this time featuring a male main character, seen on one of the Patreon tiers, “The MC Squad.” According to new information, there may be three female love interests in the upcoming game.



From their outfits, one can only assume that the new visual novel will feature a futuristic setting. The scientific advances, government conspiracies and kawaii android girls seem to be lining up this summer, heading towards the kickstarter campaign that will ignite the announcement of Roxiano Creations’ newest project.

The game is still in its writing stage. Last Sunday, Roxiano tweeted, “on page 29 of the script for my next game!” Though there is no previous announcement for anything of the sort, we can only gather that the marketing phase has yet to begin. But we know one thing for certain – This game will not come out of nowhere.

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