The Outlet of Roxiano Creations

My life is a constant cycle of productivity. But, like any dating sim creator, sometimes I just want to draw my characters because I can, doing things that are… private and not marketable. So, I found a way to channel that desire and share it with you, without sharing it with everyone.

Check out my Patreon Page. If you absolutely love my visual novels, you will enjoy what I will post here. It’ll be my outlet for things I can’t keep in. There will be exclusive art, information about the next project, and other thoughts I don’t really want to share aloud.

I was thinking about releasing two versions of each game, one safe and one not-so-safe. But I realized that might affect the charm of the games and their story. I can’t really see a possible way to include that content smoothly and without revamp. When I post to Patreon, I won’t have to worry about structure or anything complicated like that.

Art is art. Stories are stories. I don’t feel embarrassed to share them with you, and I don’t want to hide it from you, either. But there’s a right and wrong place for stuff like this. Not everyone should be able to see this, and you should see it only if you really, really want to. I need your support and opinion, so this is the best way to give.

The last few tiers can only house a limited number of patrons. I can only do so much each month, and if you want personal artwork and commissions from me on the regular, becoming a scientist or a noble might be the most cost-effective way for you. These tiers have the most rewards, so don’t pass it up if you’re interested.


Every patron plays an important role in the success of Roxiano Creations. Voice your opinions, and we will build this up together with all of our ideas. No matter how far I get, I can’t do it alone. I hope you’ll consider being a part of my inner circle.

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