Hotel Tutwin Release Date Set

Better watch out… this horror game is creeping up on you. Roxiano Creations is releasing its first game for the month of April. The Steam page is officially up, and the date is drawing near. It’s currently in the beta testing phase, so stay tuned. If you’ve never heard of Hotel Tutwin, check out the Introduction article.


The game won’t just be releasing on Steam. If everything goes as planned, it’ll also be on and the Google Play Store. So if you have a PC or an android smartphone, give it a try! You may fall in love with the new style that Hotel Tutwin presents, and it’s totally 100% free!

If you finish the game and are eager for more, you’ll have the chance to contribute by getting the bonus pack for just $7.99. It’ll unclude wallpapers, the soundtrack from the game, progress sketches, and exclusive deleted artwork. This is only the beginning of a stream of future projects to be dropped by Roxiano Creations. There’s still a lot to learn for this Sole Proprietorship, so the art, music, story and gameplay can only get better from here!

You can find the game here so far:


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